Welcome, love.

UNCOVER is the destination for smart women who want to feel sexy, connected & safe in their own skin.  

Heal from sexual assault & past trauma, Rekindle your love life, UNCOVER who you really are.

Welcome, love

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Meet Kimberly


I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm Kim, a professor, coach, speaker, writer & thought leader on the subject of women's empowerment, sexuality, and the #metoo movement.

I believe in working to create a world where every woman's sexuality, spirituality, safety & security are prioritized.

I help clients rewrite their stories and patterns with love, sex, relationships & confidence.

I teach what I needed to know, and then went out to learn. 

In desiring my own pathway to heal from sexual assault, body shame & insecurity, mixed up messages about sex & purity, and guilt around sexuality.

My expertise comes from my training as a PhD, Yale MA, certified coach, and published researcher. More deeply, though, it comes from decades of doing this work myself & leading hundreds of clients through it.

The secret ingredient to your healing and freedom is pleasure.

A life of reclaiming your body, connecting to your true self, and uncovering what you actually want... is the life that you were meant for. Why wait?