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Kimberly Rose Pendleton PhD is a sexual empowerment coach and expert on feminism, sexuality, sexual healing, and the #metoo movement.

Kimberly believes in working to create a world where every woman's sexuality, spirituality, safety & security are prioritized. With courses, coaching & resources, Kimberly helps clients rewrite their stories and patterns with love, sex, relationships & confidence.

Her expertise comes from my training as a PhD at George Washington University, after receiving her Masters from Yale. Kimberly is a certified coach and published researcher. More deeply, though, it comes from decades of doing this work on herself & leading hundreds of clients through it.

UNCOVER is the community for women who are brave, playful and longing for more. 

You'll find everything you need here for deep sexual healing and empowerment, unleashing your inner sex goddess, having incredible relationships and cozying up on the sofa with the virtual sisterhood of uncovered women. 

The Uncovered Woman...

is honest with herself

always has a fresh bouquet of flowers on hand

craves deep connection

loves fuzzy slippers, an amazing pair of heels and dancing barefoot in the kitchen, all equally 

knows that she is meant for epic love & wild romance

is willing to do the hard work of showing up

values her pleasure

loves the feeling of a blank journal

makes time for herself & her own journey so she can show up for the world


The secret ingredient to your healing and freedom is pleasure.

You can reclaim your body, connect to your true self, and uncover what you actually want.

You can have the life and love that you were meant for. 
Why wait?

Meet Our Team

None of this happens without the dedication & dreams of our team members. Check back soon for more information on all the incredible people who keep the lights on at UNCOVER HQ.

Want to join our team? Find out about our Uncover Training Certification!


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