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More about Kim & UNCOVER

Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD is a Women's Empowerment Coach & Women's Studies Professor. Her training is from the Dragontree Life Coaching Illuminator Program and the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Her PhD is from George Washington University & her MA is from Yale. She currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University & lives in Washington, DC.

But none of that is why this business exists.

The Uncovered Woman is a place for you to heal your heart, unleash your power, and rise up. You can join the vibrant community in the monthly membership, find trainings and courses to do on your own, join live coaching coaching programs, and apply for one-on-one mentorship with Kimberly. The tools you need to live an empowered, uncovered life are here for you. 


Hi! I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton.  

I am a Professor & Women's Empowerment Coach to smart women who are ready to unleash their sexy, soulful side. I'm also a digital course creator, and a thought leader on the subject of sexual empowerment for women.  

I didn't always feel that you could heal from trauma or uncover a life of pleasure. I didn't always believe that feeling sexual and spiritual was something that could come naturally and easily to me. I felt broken. I felt ugly. I felt buried in guilt, shame, and trauma. I felt like some people were just lucky, and that I wasn't one of them.  

Shifting my limiting beliefs, working through my blocks around sexual shame, healing, and releasing my negative memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far.  

Once I did the work around my mentality around pleasure, desire & uncovering what I truly wanted, everything changed. I went from feeling hopeless & like it wasn't really worth trying to fix my life. I follow the ten step process that I teach in this course like my life depends on it. Because it really did.  

UNCOVER is not just about you having deeper relationships, less shame, and better sex.  

It is my intention to shift the power dynamics of the world by increasing the number of empowered women on this planet. When women like us drop the guilt around our desire, the world changes.  

I'm excited to help unleash a wave of women who aren't held back by body shame, sexual pain, or guilt. Is that you?