Create a business that heals the world with your unique magic.

Craft a life that feels like a work of art.


The Coaching Business Course


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Note: Payment plan is billed every two weeks.

MY GOAL is for your business — or your divine work in the world — to succeed, and for you to know that you are living out your calling and getting the support you need to do so.

Everyone who takes this course will receive the inspiration, practical tools, crystal clear vision, and playful flexibility to set up and run a business that makes their soul feel seen and heard.

Whether you want to be a coach, an online service provider, an artist who wants to invite new people into your community, or you want to show up and lead your corporate team from a place of deep commitment and compassion, this course will give you everything you need to mix business with pleasure. 

Who this is perfect for:

  • Have you completed your training or earned a certification but are now unsure how to translate your learning into a business?
  • Do you struggle with how to talk about what you do, even though you know you have so much to give? 
  • Do you long for a structure that will allow you to get paid to be yourself?
  • Are you watching other people create businesses (even me!) and thinking, "I could do that!!" but aren't sure where to start?
  • Do you want to overcome your fears of speaking up and showing up online? 
  • Are you ready to turn your light on and invite people into your world, exchanging what you have to teach for an income that can support you? 
  • Do you have a vision for the world that you know matters? Are you ready to step into your role in bringing it out?
  • Have you signed up for a million programs and trainings but still haven't STARTED?  

Let's create this, together

How it works:

  • 8 weeks starting November 2019
  • One new module each week
  • The first round will be recorded live: you'll be able to join and ask questions so you'll get direct, real-time feedback from Kim.
  • Recordings available after each session  

What we'll cover:

You'll learn my steps to creating programs, offerings, business strategy, and client connections that are rooted in who you are and what you value. No sleazy sales calls or feeling weird. Just you, real and authentic, showing up to serve.  


You'll get support from Kim in the community Facebook group for the 8 weeks of the course, and then in a monthly Q&A forum with Kim continuing forward to provide on-going support.* You'll also have peer-to-peer support from the community of participants sharing this journey. 

What you'll come away with:

A true plan and business that makes money doing work that you love. If it feels too good to be true, that's probably a sign that this is for you. 

Why Now?

Why wait? The world needs more people showing up bravely & living from their heart. Why not you? Why not now? Past clients have often made their investment back within one quarter. What have you got to lose?  

What else?

Get bonus resources on mindset, strategy, social media and building your support system (the things that often get skipped in business coaching!) so that you can grow from a rooted, grounded place. You get to feel good doing this work!  

*Terms of on-going support are subject to change, always in dialogue with participants of the course.  

Eight Weeks

Session 1.

  • Identify your true goals and desires so that your business is on track with your soul.

Session 2.

  • Get clear on exactly what is blocking you. Anything from tech to fear of being seen.

Session 3.

  • Clarify your mission, offerings, products and packages. What lights you up? What will bring in the most $$$? 

Session 4.

  • Design your brand voice and uncover your message. Create website and sales copy that feels authentic and true.

Session 5.

  • Tune in to your ideal client. Clarify exactly how to reach them with your message, offerings and voice.  

Session 6.

  • Develop a marketing strategy that will bring your unique business into your ideal client’s view. 

Session 7.

  • Set up your systems on the back end: email, booking, task management, website.

Session 8.

  • Align your business goals with your ideal lifestyle. Make plans for growth with a clear strategy in place. 

Investment: Only $497  



  • This live round will be held for 8 weeks, starting in November, and participants can choose to attend live or submit questions ahead of time to be answered live. 
  • After that, only the recordings will be available. 
  • Complete schedule provided after you sign up. 
  • Starts November 2019.  



The first 5 people to sign up will also get free access to my special money training on receiving more

Investment: Only $497  


Note: Payment plan is billed every two weeks.

About Kimberly

Hi! I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton! 

I am a Professor & Women's Empowerment Coach to smart women who are ready to unleash their sexy, soulful side. I'm also a digital course creator, and a thought leader on the subject of sexual empowerment. 

I want everyone in my community to have the tools they need to launch the kind of business they desire. Or at least, to learn from my mistakes and skip those! Here's to #newmistakes and supporting one another.