UNCOVER is the premier blueprint for creating your dream life, healing from past sexual trauma, rewriting your old sexual stories, and creating a life of pleasure.

Start where you are. 

Binge all the content, do it on your own, or, join for each round of ten weeks of live coaching calls with Kimberly, twice a year.

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In this 8 week course get everything you need to create a business that you adore & that supports you!

DIY Life Coaching  

Your empowerment course to uplevel your life in 2 months.  

The original self-paced, life coaching course to examine your life with a 360 lens. In eight chapters, immerse yourself in tools to uplevel everything in your life, from your finances, body & beauty, relationships, career, and more.

The Chapters: 1. Intentions: Your Big Dreams, Goals, Desires & Vision  

2. Love: Passion, Self-Love & Romance  

3. Purpose & Passion: Finding Your Calling  

4. Sisterhood: Community, Friendship & Jealousy  

5. Divinity: Spirituality & Religion  

6. Sexuality: Pleasure & Relationships  

7. Money: Finances & Abundance  

8. Contribution: Using Your Voice to Serve the World

9. Make over your life & get back on track.

Get an online version of my Intro to Women's Studies college level course, with an introduction to intersectionality, the waves of feminism, theories of pleasure & activism, and more.

  Get the basics down so you can bring the patriarchy down.

RISE: Find Your Voice is a twelve week self study program designed to help you uncover what you really want, who you really are, and how you can use your voice to make a difference in this crucial moment. You get access to weekly videos, assignments &mantras designed to help you tap into your power &uncover your voice so that you can speak up about what matters.

Divine Desire is a six module course & program designed to offer you a way toward the spiritual self that feels most aligned for you *right now*, whether you still identify as Christian, love exploring new religious traditions, have wandered away, have found yourself, or exist somewhere in between it all. This course draws from Kimberly's background and training in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and, folks of any tradition/persuasion are welcome. 

  Get lifetime access to this transformative work & community.

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It is safe for your sexy, soulful, spiritual, smart side to come out. All of you is welcome here. All of us are welcome here.