Are you there, God? It’s me, Mary Magdalene.

A love note from Kimberly:

I grew up loving church. Like, loving it. I sang in choir. I stared at a lightbulb in a manger every Christmas as I played the Virgin Mary. I was the youth rep on the staff/parish relations committee and all my first boyfriends came from youth group. I found my way in to a much more conservative church space in college & tried to make it mine.

And then I got divorced.

And then shit got complicated.

Meanwhile, I went to Divinity School at Yale & got a PhD in order to better understand the relationship between religion, god, sex, spirituality & what the f we are doing here. I studied (and now teach) Religion & Sexuality, Womanist Theology & the history of the purity movement, all things my soul (and brain) needed to make sense of.

Like: -why am I worried my body is full of sin? -am I allowed to speak in church? How much? -what is church? -what is divine? -what is desire? -are the things I want bad? -are we all bad? -but, am I somehow the *most* bad?

I went to India on a dissertation fellowship to do research in the red light district... not on the local sex workers, but on the missionaries there to save them.

We talked feminism, trafficking & the politics of rescue. We talked global faces of god & justice. We talked colonialism & faith & feminism.

It’s basically the stuff we ALL had *wanted* to talk about, even as we... ...went on our mission trips ...signed purity pledges ...gave promise rings & testimonies & woke up early for “quiet time” and journaled about devotion

But it doesn’t always feel like there’s a space for all the things.  

So... I’m a sex & empowerment coach with all the religion training. I love talking about it ALL. I’m the place to take all the things and dump them out on the table and sort through it. If there’s a vibrator & a Bible & a romance novel & a passport in your bag — I. Get. It.

That's why this is here.


Divine Desire: How to Feel Sacred & Sexy & Spiritual ALL at Once  

(aka: finally, a place where you get to be all the things you are. A place to finally have the spiritual conversations you've always wanted.)

This is a 3 month container, the professor is in. But also, the minister. The missionary. The sex coach, the activist. 

Think: the best Bible study you ever had, where you can unhook the baggage from the beauty and figure out where your faith & your pleasure fit in *now.*

We’ll cover: Faith in 6 chapters

1. Purity & Pleasure 2. Missionwork & Colonization 3. Women/Gender in the Bible 4. Sacred Sexuality 5. Patriarchy & Church 6. Sin & Brokenness & Healing 

One of my clients said, “This women’s circle is the Bible Study I always wanted.” Yes, exacty.

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Hi! I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton!  

I am a Professor & Women's Empowerment Coach to smart women who are ready to unleash their sexy, soulful side. I'm also a digital course creator, and a thought leader on the subject of sexual empowerment for women.  

It is my intention to shift the power dynamics of the world by increasing the number of empowered women on this planet. When women like us drop the guilt around our desire, the world changes.

I'm excited to help unleash a wave of women who aren't held back by shame, afraid of their sexuality or bogged down with guilt. Is that you?


Q: What if I don’t have time for MORE even though it feels like I need it right now?

This. This comes up for a lot of people. I have two answers for you.

#1: Our religious and spiritual journey is a spiral of healing, not a linear process. This container unfolds in six classes/meetings & three months, but you get to keep the material forever, so you can also go at your own pace. So, you can never really fall “behind.”  

#2, though, goes a little deeper. Is this part of a bigger pattern for you? Not committing? Not carving out time for the growth you truly desire? Could it just be fear? Put a hand on your heart and ask — is it time for this? She knows. And if you don’t know how to hear her... that’s part of what this is all for. 🙂 Join in and learn.

Q: What about my husband/partner... How do I tell them I want to invest in this? What if they think it’s silly? Or a waste?

I’ve heard OVER and over from women who mustered up the courage to share about wanting to sign up to work with me with the people they love, who they were worried might judge or not understand this, or think it was frivolous, and what they heard over & over was:  

DO IT! We want you to be healed from past trauma and enjoying your life. We want you to be able to feel sexy, spiritual, alive, devoted, all the things!!! We want our relationship to be even stronger. We want you to feel confident, beautiful, sacred.

It's okay to share, vulnerably, that this is something you might need. The reaction from supporters alone might be more healing that you even realized.

 Moms have bought it for their daughters. Husbands have bought it for their wives. 

We get scared, totally understandably, but our healing matters to the people who adore us.

Q: Is there a payment plan?  

Yes! You can either pay in full or pay in monthly installments.

Q: Is this open to men?

Eventually! It's a little different, but if you are interested, reach out to us at if you are interested in this.

Q: How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you'll get invited to connect with Kimberly and craft a customized plan that feels great to you as well as the course schedule.

Q: What if I’m too broken?  

You’re not. I promise you.