Empowered Woman.

Self Study Life Coaching Course. Your empowerment course to uplevel your life in 2 months.  

Details The original self-paced, life coaching course to examine your life with a 360 lens. In eight chapters, immerse yourself in tools to uplevel everything in your life, from your finances, body &&&eauty, relationships, career, and more.  

The Chapters: 1. Intentions: Your Big Dreams, Goals, Desires & Vision 2. Love: Passion, Self-Love & Romance 3. Purpose & Passion: Finding Your Calling 4. Sisterhood: Community, Friendship & Jealousy 5. Divinity: Spirituality & Religion 6. Sexuality: Pleasure & Relationships 7. Money: Finances &Abundance 8. Contribution: Using Your Voice to Serve the World  

Make over your life & get back on track.

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