Being too happy, too comfortable, too wealthy, too loved, too confident, too MUCH  

used to be the cocktail combination of my BIGGEST FEARS.  

If I'm not miserable, poor, sad, stuck in my old trauma, repeating old patterns in love... then I must be selfish.  

I must be a diva. I must be self-centered.  


Underneath it all was guilt.  

Guilt for everything that felt good. Guilt for everything I wanted. Guilt for not being the GOOD GIRL I thought I should be.  

Until I realized that wasn't actually helping anyone.  

And meanwhile, I was miserable & sad, without doing a thing to *actually* help anyone.  

It wasn't until I DETOXed my guilt, got clear on my purpose, started focusing on what would make me feel good, that I finally started to get it.  

I could GIVE from a place of being FULL instead of empty. I could put my own oxygen mask on first. I could do more when I was filled up, happy, pleasured, and ALIVE.  

And so can you.  

Get the Good Girl Guilt Detox and get my top tools for immediately dropping your guilt and dropping IN to the version of you who is:  

💋Sexy 💋Alive 💋Having Fun 💋Able to give from a REAL place rather than trying to pour from my sad empty cup  

Let's do this. Let's unleash the real, guilt-free YOU on the world.