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Choose an intimate, passionate life.

Right now,
are you...

  • Spending the days racing around, getting everything done, but feeling exhausted?
  • Surrounded by people (or with your partner 24/7) yet feeling more alone than ever?
  • Feeling your panic, anxiety, or old trauma surface right now, in weird ways, in your dreams, or in feeling nervous, anxious or frozen?
  • Craving deep intimacy but feeling scared, vulnerable, or like it is just easier to panic scroll through social media? 
  • Picking apart everything you said during the day and wishing you could have a do-over?
  • Finding that sensuality is not even a part of your life at all right now?

So many powerful women feel lonely right now.

Entrepreneurs and service providers, powerful super moms, and women killing it in their nine-to-five jobs whether from your living room in your pajamas right now or in the boardroom...

...are pushing their
and intimacy
to the back burner just to get through the day.

I’ve been there,
I’ve fallen for it.

The lie is that we can compartmentalize it all.

That we can just turn OFF that part of us that wants to be REALLY loved, intimately and passionately seen & held & turned ON.

The truth is: You get to choose an intimate, passionate life.

It starts under the covers,

Every area of our lives can be blocked from receiving. This work is going to open those blocks, make you MORE powerful, more money, and more intimately connected to your life.

Self Love | Relationships | Sexual Healing | Sensuality | Confidence


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Get deeply connected to yourself.

 Why do this work right now, during a crisis?
In quarantine?

  • Because all of our old stories, trauma and pain is surfacing right now to be healed. Our bodies have kicked into survival mode, and whether we know it or not, it feels panicked. This is the perfect time to heal it all — because it’s coming up anyway.
  • Because we need a space to talk to each other about sex, about love, about what we want — now, more than ever before — it gets to feel fun, juicy and open to everything you want to share.
  • Because we crave more intimacy than ever but are lonely and overwhelmed.
  • Because we deserve to feel sexy, desired, awake, alive, and ROMANCED by our lives.

I know you want to feel beautiful, and like everything you say is right. To feel electric and alive, supported and in a deeply connected wild romance.


I know you want to have a more sensual life, to feel more connected to your body, to feel like you are slowing down, savoring, enjoying every moment.


I know you want to have better sex!

I know you want to know that everything you do is perfect, and that someone will love you for ALL the truest parts of you -- the messiest, the neediest, the craziest -- that no matter how you are showing up, you are worthy of deep, wild love and true intimacy.

The struggle is real.

I see you, looking in the mirror & immediately criticize everything.

Blaming yourself for not being farther along with your life.

Picking apart everything you said today.

I know that romance is weird right now. Dating is on hold or online. Quarantine & marriage aren’t necessarily the easiest ingredients to mix.

You are feeling lonelier than ever even though you are also dying for alone time.

You are not feeling connected.

It may even be clear that old trauma is coming up, especially as other parts of your life feel unstable or uncertain. The intimacy you crave and the sex life of your dreams feel totally out of reach.

You’re numb, closed off, and wanting to just turn this part of your life off. Sensuality and living a beautiful life is not a part of your regular life at all right now. Maybe life has changed and you aren’t sure who you are anymore when you look in the mirror. 

Maybe you don’t feel good enough or even worthy of feeling sexy or of having a sensual life filled with pleasure, beauty, luxury, abundance, delight and rest.

You deserve more.

You are ready for a life of no more comparison, jealousy, or worry that you might be doing it “wrong.”

You want a fun love life. 

You want to feel supported.

You want a wild romance. You want to connect on an intellectual & spiritual level with your partner and sink into a deep love. You want both -- the soulmate level match plus the practical partnership with chores and childcare getting shared and figured out with ease.

I see it,

You want to feel totally sexy, open, free.

To feel at ease with your partner and like you can’t wait to jump into bed together.

More than that, you want to have a real sexual awakening.You get to have a sensual life. You get to feel connected to your body and to feel like you are slowing down, savoring, enjoying your moments.


You want sex to feel better and easier. You want to feel loved & adored, to feel cherished and to be really connected to your pleasure, both on your own and when you’re together.

You want to own the room when you walk in, to feel nothing but gratitude when you see yourself in the mirror, and to know that everything you do is perfect.


Finally, a place where you can truly come just as you are. You can talk about the things that you normally have to pretend aren’t on your mind. This is finally the place where you can tell the truth about what you want. 

Training & Tools

Get in-depth training from a Women’s Studies Professor and Certified Intimacy Coach on everything you need for a sexy, safe, feminist , free and pleasure-filled love life.

Playful Support & Choose Your Own Adventure Resources

From feminist film nights to calendars of pleasure challenges, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to bring out your smartest, sexiest, sassiest self for your own enjoyment!

High Level Coaching

With weekly coaching calls you’ll be fully supported so that you can truly thrive, heal, and play.



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Fall in love with yourself, for real.

1. Instant Access to the Foundation

The 6 Step Kickstart: 
The Uncovered Intimacy Method

So you can start experiencing a pleasurable, intimate life right away

  1. Getting Uncovered: The Uncover Mindset
  2. Your Siren Song: Where to Start with Feeling Sexy
  3. The Heart Work: Healing from Past Trauma & Heartbreak
  4. Creation: Your Self Care Lifestyle & How to Develop Your Pleasure Practice
  5. Your Freedom: Dropping Shame, Guilt, & Old Patterns
  6. Uncovered Intimacy: Connection, Sex and Feeling Loved

2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

Confidence & Self Care Calls
Every Tuesday

Sexuality & Love Calls
Every Thursday

3. The Monthly Signature Trainings

Self Love


Sexual Healing




PLUS Sensual, Playful Bonuses...

The 24/7 Private Online Community
Share your heart & Connect



p l u s

A Quarterly Lingerie / Pajama Party (virtually)

A Monthly Book Club & Film Night

The Monthly Self Care & Intimacy Challenges
A calendar each month of intimacy challenges to help you feel electric & alive RIGHT AWAY



Self Love | Relationships | Sexual Healing | Sensuality | Confidence

for Powerful Women who are Ready to Rise

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Get deeply connected to yourself.

Meet Kimberly Pendleton, PhD

Kimberly Rose Pendleton PhD is a sexual empowerment coach and expert on feminism, sexuality, sexual healing, and the #metoo movement.

Kimberly believes in working to create a world where every woman's sexuality, spirituality, safety & security are prioritized. With courses, coaching & resources, Kimberly helps clients rewrite their stories and patterns with love, sex, relationships & confidence.

Her expertise comes from my training as a PhD at George Washington University, after receiving her Masters from Yale. Kimberly is a certified coach and published researcher. More deeply, though, it comes from decades of doing this work on herself & leading hundreds of clients through it.


"You need this. Just bite the bullet,

pay the money, every penny is worth it. I’m saying this as a person who loves introspection and thought I had a handle on it. I had no idea what was inside me that needed to come out. It was scary at first, but IT IS SAFE. 

You are safe here with Kimberly and she will not judge you. Let her help you with what she’s learned. I promise you that you need it. No matter where you are, you need it. So if anything she says strikes a chord at all, follow that feeling and just sign up to work with her.

It will really, truly change your life and I don’t say that lightly." 

"Working with Kim has changed my life in the best possible way, a thousand times over. Her radical compassion and warmth make her an ideal guide to transformation. She showed me how to feel safe in exploring the dark parts, as well as in finding deep, satisfying pleasure. Now I can say, my past traumas no longer feel overwhelming or like they control my life. For the first time in a decade, I feel radiant, safe, and utterly sexy in my life. It’s so difficult to put into words, but trust me, every penny is worth the investment!

You could not give yourself a greater gift. "