Your healing is just the beginning.

Introducing: The Uncover Sexual Healing & Freedom Teacher Training

This program is the signature pathway to becoming a trained UNCOVER teacher to work with the UNCOVER material and create your own programs to teach, coach, lead, and facilitate sexual healing, freedom and transformation.

Your training includes personal work on your own sexual healing and freedom, self love, feminist studies, and romantic & relational healing. Then, you will move on to learn the practical skills required to lead individuals, groups, and online spaces toward healing, with an option to add on specific work for youth, religious groups, and/ corporate wellness on consent and sexual harassment. 

By the end of the program, you will be ready to launch or grow your own business or non-profit, taking this work out into the world where it belongs: in the hands of everyone.

What you'll learn:

Section 1: Your Healing & Embodied Sexual Freedom

In the first section of your training, you will learn the deeply important skills of embodying and inhabiting your own sensuality, sexuality, and self love. Your own healing, freedom, capacity, and growth are the focus of this section of our training. 

You will learn the proprietary UNCOVER ™ process that combines rigorous feminist research and training, embodied practices for body healing and growth, trauma-informed sexual awareness, and both practical and holistic coaching skills. 

Section 2: Facilitating Change for Others in Coaching, Teaching & Workshops

Next, you'll move on to learning the key techniques and strategies to faciliate group and private growth for students, clients, workshops, and gatherings. Your ability to teach, coach, explain, and offer targeted, loving guidance is the focus of this section. 

By the end, you will know how to navigate the complexities of working with someone through their sexual shame or trauma, including key information about social & structural systems of oppression.

Section 3: Sharing Your Work With the World

Finally, you'll get resources, guidance, and systems to help you develop the way that your unique work in the world is meant to come forth. You'll learn what you need to learn in order to set up a private practice, offer group trainings or workshops, or fold this work informally into educational, religious, or workplace trainings.

You will be invited to adapt the UNCOVER process to your own community or business in whatever you choose to create, with support from our team. You will also have the opportunity to apply to become a certified UNCOVER teacher and join our team to teach this work. 

The time has come for sexual healing and freedom to come front and center in our discussion of #metoo, empowerment, and the way forward. Be one of the people leading the charge to create a world without sexual assault, where pleasure, consent, embodied sexual healing & freedom, and a deep commitment to one another are prioritized. 

The world is ready for you.

Join the 2020 cohort to be at the forefront of leading the kind of change we so desperately need right now, starting with uncovering your own fully activated, alive self.

Join either the womxn-only or co-ed cohort to begin in January, and start the work of uncovering a new world.

We are so grateful for you.

Join now for the ultimate earlybird rate. Be first to get the full certification, and lock in enrollment for the discounted rate. 


What to expect: We'll have recorded calls moving through the content each week. You'll be invited to attend live, or, just watch the replays. Each module will have a workbook and exercises to accompany it. Our schedule will be three weeks on, one week off for integration + breaks. While we will go deep in this program, we will also go at a pace that is spacious enough to allow for room to breathe, integrate, expand, and grow. I'll be here for you every step of the way.

Time commitment: Plan to spend about an hour per week on this training. 

Q&A calls will be held twice per month (aside from breaks) on different weekend days to accomodate questions, and you'll also be able to submit questions ahead of time. 

At the end of the year, you'll have a resource bank of tools, workbooks, support, and recorded sessions & Q&A to draw upon. You'll also be eligible to apply for the UNCOVER Teacher Training Certification, after which you can apply to work with The Uncovered Woman team, launch your own business (with our help) or weave this work into your existing training/practice or simply keep exploring.

You can change this culture. You can create a world in which safety, sexuality, spirituality, and sweet, loving relationships are all able to co-exist, where sexual assault is not the norm, where spouses don't have to drift apart, where women are whole and healed, where everyone is free to be fully themselves and free.  

Let's do it together.