Do you want to feel more confidence, connection & self love?

Does it feel like you still have healing to do from past sexual trauma, breakups, or old relationship patterns even if you've been to therapy?

Women who are tired of feeling broken, dulled, exhausted, and stuck, this is for you.  

You deserve to feel sexy, safe, free & healed.  

UNCOVER starts LIVE on Valentine's Day -10 weeks of live coaching with Kimberly- Get lifetime access & start now! 

  • Does it feel like you'll be frozen & stuck in body shame forever?
  • Do you feel like you've just settled into a routine that feels safe rather than striving for a more passionate love life?  
  • Do you feel frozen up & stuck when you'd rather be open & playful?  
  • Do you wish you could either start to be more interested in sex, or that it would just dissappear altogether?  
  • Is a lack of interest in sex often the reason you & your partner fight? Or do you know that it's the #1 thing on their wishlist, even if they don't say it?  
  • Do you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will ever have a wild romance or a passionate love?  
  • Are you still haunted by old traumatic sexual experiences, even if you've been to therapy?  
  • Do you feel guilty for wanting more sex, love, connection, or passion?  
  • Do you feel angry that you are even the one who has to worry about this?  
  • Do you find yourself thinking that pleasure is wrong, your desires make you selfish (or any other old funky conditioning that is no longer serving you)?

Me too.  

Well, at least I used to.  

At one point in time, many of the above were very, very true for me. I've been there. And it sucked.  

UNCOVER is your pathway to feeling healed, whole, sexy, safe & free. Learn the tools you'll need for self love, relationships & crazy confidence.  

I've assumed I was just not going to have a passionate love life. 

I've spent night after night crying in the bathroom, feeling so alone. 

I've felt like I'd never be able to erase the memories or feelings of sexual assault. 

I've gone to sleep feeling like a failure, feeling unloved, or feeling like I couldn't bring myself to even bring it up. 

I've spent tremendous time and energy being incredibly frustrated with myself, trying to figure out why I couldn't be the free, healed, vibrant, woman that I so badly wanted to be.  

I'll never forget the path I took when I was ready & decided to truly change things.  

While sitting on the bathroom floor of a studio apartment I shared with my husband, after crying for an hour, I asked for help.  

I declared that I was willing to do the work. I wanted to heal my heart, soften the armor I had built up around my body, uncover who I really was, and finally have a passionate love life. 

I declared that I was tired of feeling frozen and I was ready to get real. I was ready to get uncovered.  

I knew that if I found my way, I would teach other women to do the same thing.

UNCOVER is that. 

I wanted the same thing for every woman. Women who are so tired of feeling broken, dulled, exhausted, and stuck. Women who are ready.  

To heal their trauma, to rewrite their love stories, to unwind the religious baggage and shame they had around sex, to get rid of their guilt, to uncover the relationship they've always wanted, to feel comfortable in their bodies, to feel sexy & confident, to have better, deeper sex, to reconnect with their spouses, husbands, partners, to reconnect with THEMSELVES.  

This is the begining of the rest of your life.

This is for the woman who wants more freedom in her sex life, especially if you are ready to release past trauma or shame. 

I decided that I was willing to do whatever it took, even if the journey was going to be painful, hard, and expensive.  

And it was. 

Over the next ten years, I read everything I could get my hands on about sexual healing & sexual freedom. I got my Masters from Yale and my PhD, while I supplemented my academic work with trauma healing & training, ten years of healing modality work, therapy, coaching, and support.  

I found my way home. I found a way to uncover who I had been all along: free, healed, whole, sexy, passionate, alive, divine. 

I want everyone to have access to what I needed, but instead of it taking ten years and $100,000, it is ten weeks & is less than 10% of the cost.

I committed to creating something that wove together all that I had learned, experienced & felt. I wasn't just going to do this for me. I was going to do this for all of us. 

After I made that commitment, I was led to clean up my mindset around pleasure, desire, and deserving. 

When you change your mentality around pleasure, you change your experience of love, and your relationship to your own power.  

I changed the role that pleasure played in my life. I created new belief systems around pleasure, my body, and opening up to my desires. I began to understand the purpose of pleasure to unlock trauma healing, reconnect with my partner, and uncover my true self. I've spent the time since increasing my understanding of sexual healing & sexual freedom.  

And it worked.  

I was able to heal from trauma, feel free, rewire my heart to open up to new levels of love, and honor my desires -- like to travel to Paris, dance on a rooftop with my love, feel totally confident naked, wear lingerie that makes me feel on fire, have more passionate love with none of the guilt, shame, fear or frozenness.

I had thought I'd be stuck with it forever. I thought that all of this was out of the cards for me.

None of this is even the best part.  

The best part is that I don't feel broken.  

To be clear, ten years ago I was crying in the bathroom, worried I'd never feel better. I dedicated my life to working on my healing, freedom, and pleasure and to serving others so they could do the same. And here we are.  

I now live a beyond my wildest dreams, feeling more comfortable, confident and loved than I thought possible. 

Your sexual freedom and liberation is a part of our collective freedom. 

When we do the brave work of healing our trauma around sex, our freedom ripples outward, for everyone. We face our shadows and our shame, uncover the inner beauty of our bodies, and become even more fully who we are.

UNCOVER enrollment is currently closed.

Email to get on the waitlist for the next round.

Most of my clients are married, or in long term partnerships & wishing they had more sex, deeper connection & stronger desire. 

Many are ready to heal from the past, drop their insecurities & heartbreak, and step bravely into vulnerability, love, and deeper trust. 

If that's you -- you are SO not alone.

What's included:

  •  10 Weeks of video trainings, workbooks & journals
  • 3 masterclasses on religion and sexuality, uncovering what you truly want, and how to connect with a partner
  •  10 chapters to uncover your true self in the proprietary UNCOVER method
  •  Live Coaching Calls & masterclasses to support you
  •  24/7 Community
  •  Lifetime Access to the work as it evolves, including free admission to every round of live coaching calls, each September & each February


  • Ten weeks to heal your past sexual experiences,  
  • To open up to love
  • To learn what turns you on 
  • To connect with your divine self  
  • To shed your old stories  
  • To get un-frozen & un-stuck 
  • To move beyond your memories so you can have the future you desire  
  • For better sex, deeper love brighter radiance, brilliant confidence, rekindled connection & true trust.

Women in this course repeatedly rave about how UNCOVER helped them to drop their guilt and shame, heal their trauma, clear their doubt around their bodies, reconnect them to their husbands & partners, experience far less anxiety around sex and, yes, move into the experience of feeling pleasure, every day.  

More specifically, they tell me this course changed their marriages, their sense of themselves & their lives.  

Here are some of their stories:  

You'll get immediate access to the whole course & be invited to every round of coaching calls.

Facebook Community Group: Access to 24/7 support when you join the UNCOVER private community, where you'll see that you are SO not alone.  

UNCOVER Workbook & Special Journal: Each module comes with a transformational workbook that will offer you prompts, designed exercises & tools to guide you through the course that you can return to over and over. Many say that the workbooks alone are worth the cost of the course!

Transcripts of all 10 UNCOVER Modules: Each training module has been transcribed for you so it is accessible and easy to read! If you learn by reading instead of watching, or you just like to follow along with the video or audio, that is no problem!

 Transform Your Everyday Life with these DAILY Tools: Weekly Meditations, Weekly Love & Sexuality Affirmations, Truly Transformational Homework, & a curated UNCOVER book list


Feel At Home in Your Body Livestream Training Bundle (5 Videos)

Religion & Sexuality Training Bundle (3 Videos)

MORE: Kimberly's Signature Training on Money & Sex (Video & Workbook)

Hi! I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton!  

I am a Professor & Women's Empowerment Coach to smart women who are ready to unleash their sexy, soulful side. I'm also a digital course creator, and a thought leader on the subject of sexual empowerment for women.  

I didn't always feel that you could heal from trauma or uncover a life of pleasure. I didn't always believe that feeling sexual and spiritual was something that could come naturally and easily to me. I felt broken. I felt ugly. I felt buried in guilt, shame, and trauma. I felt like some people were just lucky, and that I wasn't one of them.  

Shifting my limiting beliefs, working through my blocks around sexual shame, healing, and releasing my negative memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far.  

Once I did the work around my mentality around pleasure, desire & uncovering what I truly wanted, everything changed. I went from feeling hopeless & like it wasn't really worth trying to fix my life. I follow the ten step process that I teach in this course like my life depends on it. Because it really did.  

UNCOVER is not just about you having deeper relationships, less shame, and better sex. 

It is my intention to shift the power dynamics of the world by increasing the number of empowered women on this planet. When women like us drop the guilt around our desire, the world changes.

I'm excited to help unleash a wave of women who aren't held back by body shame, sexual pain, or guilt. Is that you?


Q: What if I don’t have time for UNCOVER even though it feels like I need it right now?

This. This comes up for a lot of people. I have two answers for you.

#1: UNCOVER is a spiral of healing, not just a linear process. It unfolds in ten weeks & ten chapters, but you get to keep it forever, so many people go at their own pace. One person may rent a cabin in the woods & buy some fancy hot chocolate and do the whole program in a weekend, while another may carve out every Tuesday morning at her favorite Starbucks for an hour to herself and do it bit by bit. I’ve had clients do both, and it all works perfectly. 

You’ll get ten weeks of coaching with me, as well as masterclasses added new this year, and then you’ll be invited to join every time I start it live again in future years. So, you can never really fall “behind.”  

#2, though, goes a little deeper. Is this part of a bigger pattern for you? Not committing? Not carving out time for the growth you truly desire? Could it just be fear?

Put a hand on your heart and ask — is it time for this? She knows. And if you don’t know how to hear her...that’s part of what this is all for. Join in and learn 🙂

Q: What about my husband/partner... How do I tell them I want to invest in this? What if they think it’s silly? Or a waste?

I’ve heard OVER and over from women who mustered up the courage to share about wanting to sign up with the people they love, who they were worried might judge or not understand this, or think it was frivolous...

And what they heard over & over was:  


We want you to heal from past trauma and enjoy your life. We want you to be able to have sex!!! We want our relationship to be even stronger. We want you to feel confident, beautiful, sacred.

It's okay to share, vulnerably, that this is something you might need. The reaction from supporters alone might be more healing that you even realized.

 Moms have bought it for their daughters. Husbands have bought it for their wives. 

We get scared, totally understandably, but our healing matters to the people who adore us.

Q: Is there a payment plan?  

Always! I made 4 payment plans because flexibility & accessibility are important to me. The lowest one starts at just $133.

Q: Can guys do UNCOVER?

Actually, yes! It's a little different, but if you are interested, you can take UNCOVER and join the group for folks who don't identify as women.

Reach out to us at if you are interested in this.

Q: How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to all the bonus material, and all ten chapters of the course. You can binge the course in one epic weekend, space it out over ten weeks, or pick and choose where you start, stop and linger. 

When UNCOVER runs live each year, you'll be invited to attend the coaching calls, on Wednesday & Saturday mornings at 11am EST.

You never need to attend live, as they are always recorded and sent to the group. 

As a result of how this is delivered, no refunds are available.

Q: What if I’m too broken?  

You’re not. I promise you.