"There has to be more than this." At one point or another, all of my clients have found themselves asking this question. 

I'm here to bring out the most vibrant, satisfied, alive & unencumbered version of you.

 In our work together, you will uncover your true self, explore the power of your pleasure to heal from the past & reimagine the future.  

Past clients have recovered their feelings of pleasure & sexiness after miscarriage, divorce, or sexual trauma, rescued their marriages, found their soulmates, launched heart-centered businesses & fallen in love with themselves. Do you long for that?  

It's not too late for you.  

Working together can unfold in a personal container of: 1. Private one-on-one coaching 2. Personal VIP days  


in a group experience within: 3. Online masterminds 4. Epic in-person retreats

Explore each option below and see what calls to you.

One-on-one coaching is available by application only and is limited to a very small number of people per year. This is a sex, love & empowerment coaching program for women who are longing to feel more desire, more connected to their partners & to themselves, and free from the burden of past relationships, religious & cultural conditioning. Explore more and apply for to give us both a chance to see if this is the right next step for you & your life.

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Spend the day with me, getting clear & getting inspired. VIP days unfold in beautiful locations around the world (in close proximity to amazing food & amazing spas) so that we can take care of all the things. These days are perfect for those who desire deep transformation in condensed, high impact sessions. Clients often book one per quarter or every six months as essential tune ups.

In our VIP Day together, we will unearth the blocks & past pain that has been keeping you stuck, releasing it with gratitude and love. 

We will map out exactly what your next steps forward are for a life and love that truly lights you up, and you will walk away with a customized roadmap of practices and tools to continue unfolding into your most vibrant, sensual, sexually alive self. 

With a mix of pampering spa treatments, divine & delicious food, gorgeous settings, and deep inner work, you will get refreshed and renewed with this transformative package.

Think of it as a spa day for your spirit. 

Past clients have gone on to revamp their businesses, reconnect with their partners (like, immediately) and renew their sense of self love & wonder. 

Nothing is more powerful than investing this focused attention on yourself & your life so that you can show up in authenticity and wholeness to the world. 

Fill your cup up, first, so that you can put out from fullness and stop running on empty. (And if the cup is full of champagne, all the better!)

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Let yourself experience the magic of getting uncovered (metaphorically, and literally, if you want) at a retreat in a luxurious location with Kimberly. Whether Italy, France, Bali, or Hawaii call to you (or all of the above) trust that your heart is leading you to a place where your body longs to heal. Each retreat includes a mix of luxurious pampering, transformative coaching on self love, sex, love, and relationships, and plenty of open space to explore.

2020 UNCOVER Retreats will be in Florence, Paris, and Bali. Book your spot now and start preparing for your soul & body to be nourished, inspired, and awakened.

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The "Pleasure Doing Business With You" Mastermind is a virtual space for entrepreneurs to connect and get support, coaching, guidance, and community.

In the mastermind, you'll get access to my best tips and tools for runnning an online business, plus a feeling of community support from regular calls with our small circle. Limited to 6 womxn at a time.

 You can work for yourself without feeling isolated, lonely, or like you are running around in circles. 

We are here with you. 

The first cohort of the mastermind is full, but if you are intereted please add your name to the waitlist & be first to know when the next cohort opens up in the Spring of 2020.

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